Gelgoog Machinery is professional manufacturer and supplier of commercial IQF freezing and cooling systems. We are specialized in designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of quick freezing machines to suit client requirements.

Always put customer need at the first place, we commit and direct all our activities to enhance customer satisfication. For example, we manufacture and develop top quality IQF freezing machines with added vaules to customers. Besides, to provide customers with the most appropriate freezing and cooling systems, our professional team will consider raw materials, desired end products, factory layout and other detailed factors to meet your needs. What’s more, we offer all around services from pre-sales services to after sales installation, maintenance and providing spare parts and so on.

We can manufacture and develop industrial freezing equipment for various industries, such as vegetable industry, fruit industry, seafood industry, red meat industry, poultry industry and so on. Our IQF freezer machines can not only preserve premium quality of your products, but also save energy as well as help reduce food waste. Please feel free to contact us for more details.