Frozen Pepper Process Line

IQF frozen pepper processing line manufacturer and supplier. Flash freezing of premium frozen pepper with high energy efficiency. Customized frozen peppers freezing systems to meet customer needs and requirements. Get tailored solutions now.


Frozen pepper process line is to produce frozen chili pepper, frozen bell pepper and other kinds peppers and capsicum. Whether consumed as vegetables or seasons, peppers are widely enjoyed around the world. Premium frozen peppers are as healthy as fresh ones, and have long shelf life. Usually, frozen chilli peppers are frozen as whole, while bell pepper and others are often in dices, stripes, chunks and so on. Thanks to extensive experience, Gelgoog can make tailored solutions for frozen pepper process lines with quality machines.

Processes for Making Frozen Peppers

1.Reception of raw materials. Freshly picked peppers are transported to factory for further processing.
2.Inspection. On the inspection table, workers inspect and sort out the defective ones.
3.Washing. In this stage of washing, the vegetable washer can wash off the light foreign materials, like dirt, leaves and so on.
4.Cutting. With industrial vegetable cutter machine, the cleaned peppers can be cut into dices, strips and chunks according to customer needs.
5.Cleaning. During this second stage of washing and cleaning, the seeds and small slices are washed off from the cut peppers.
6.Blanching. The blanching process can preserve the color, texture, taste and appearance of pepper by deactivating the enzyme activity, which can speed up spoilage. Our industrial vegetable blanching machine can precisely control the blanching temperature and time.
7.Cooling. The blanched peppers are cooled down by our vegetable cooling machine so that they can be processed in following processes.
8.Dewatering. Our quality dewatering machine can effectively remove extra water from the blanched pepper to retain texture of freezing.
9.Freezing. IQF freezing machine can flash freeze great quantity of premium peppers with great energy efficiency.
10.Grading. The frozen pepper are graded according to sizes with automatic grading machine.
11.Weighing and packing. At last, the frozen peppers are weighed and packed with automatic multi-head weighing and packing machine with great accuracy.

IQF Fluidization Tunnel Freezer Machine

With advanced IQF technology, our quality industrial freezing machines can flash freeze a great quantity of peppers, which are perfectly separated. And the fluidized bed plates of the IQF freezer can ensure consistent and uniform freezing. Except for superior freezing results, Our IQF fluidized tunnel freezing systems can also use energy in an effective way due to advanced technology and innovative designs. What’s more, the IQF freezing equipment can be customized to meet customer needs and requirements in production capacity, foot prints and so on.

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