Industrial IQF Freezers for Red Meat  

Commercial IQF freezing systems for red meat. Customized individual quick freezing systems for red meat processors. Freeze top red meat with great energy efficiency.


As the name implies, the IQF freezer for red meat is specially designed for freezing red meat, raw and pre-cooked or other red meat based products. Gelgoog designs and manufactures IQF spiral freezing and IQF tunnel freezing systems for red meat. IQF red meat freezers can prolong shelf life of red meats, reducing food waste. What’s more, with advanced technology, the IQF freezers for red meat can preserve the color, taste, texture of the products. Thanks to rich experience and professional knowledge, we can custom design red meat IQF freezers to your requirements.

Applications of Red Meat Freezing System

Minced meat, kebab, meat patties, meatballs, raw hamburger, breaded fried cuts, sausages, corn dog and so on.

Features of Red Meat IQF Freezer

  1. Customized design. All the IQF freezers for red meat can be customized to meet your needs.
  2. High capacity. The individual quick freezing machine for red meat can freeze a large quantity of red meat at the same time.
  3. Energy efficiency. With advanced technology, adjustable airflow circulation systems and so on, the IQF freezing machines can use energy in an efficient way.
  4. Easy cleaning. Built with quality stainless steels and with overall easy to clean design, the IQF freezing system for red meat is easy to clean and maintain, reducing break down time.
  5. Superior end products. With efficient mechanical refrigeration method and airflow circulation system, the IQF freezer machine for red meat can produce quality frozen red meat with no lump formation.

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