Frozen Green Beans Production Line

Industrial frozen french beans processing line machinery manufacturer. Produce perfectly separated frozen string beans with high quality frozen green beans making machines. Contact Gelgoog for tailored solution for frozen green beans making.


Frozen green beans production line includes a variety of machinery that can process fresh green beans into frozen ones. Green beans are also known as french beans, string beans, snap beans and so on. They are enjoyed by people all around the world, and can be sold fresh, canned and frozen. Premium frozen green beans can retain the appearance, texture, taste and nutrition of the fresh ones, allowing people enjoy them all year round. Gelgoog can custom design frozen green beans process lines in production capacity, various machines, factory layout and so on to suit customer needs.

Frozen Snap Beans Processing Steps

1.Reception. Qualified string beans are transported to factory after being picked up, waiting for further processing.
2.Sorting and snipping. In this process, workers remove the defective green beans, while at the same time snip the ends of string beans. For some kinds of the green beans, the sides of the green beans also have to removed.
3.Washing. With our industrial vegetable washing machine, it can effectively remove the dirt, leaves and other foreign materials from the green beans.
4.Cutting. The snipped green beans can be cut into slices according to customer needs.
5. Blanching. Snipped green beans are blanched in hot water for short period of time. Blanching can effectively deactivate the enzymatic activity in the green beans and preserve desired color. Our vegetable blancher machine can ensure precise blanching temperature and blanching time, while uses water and energy in effective way.
6. Cooling. This pre-cooling process can cool down the blanched green beans effectively. On one hand, it is necessary for next processes. On the other hand, it can save energy for the freezing process.
7. Dewatering. Extra water in the green beans can affect the quality of frozen green beans. So it is vital to remove excess water by using our industrial vegetable dewatering machine, which can remove extra water effectively while do no damage to green beans.
8. Freezing. Our IQF freezer machine can freeze a large quantity of green beans with premium results.
9. Weighing and packing. The frozen green beans are weighed and packed for further cold storage. Our automatic multi-head weighing and packing machine can do the job accurately and effectively.

Advanced Frozen Green Beans IQF Freezer

With advanced IQF technology, the frozen string beans freezing machine can produce large quantity of perfectly separated frozen green beans. Getting superior end products is not enough, we constantly improve technology to ensure our IQF freezing systems use energy in an effective and efficient way. Besides, there are several IQF freezers available for frozen green beans making, like IQF tunnel freezer, IQF fluidized tunnel freezer and IQF liquid nitrogen freezer and so on. What’s more, with rich experience and professional knowledge, Gelgoog can customize the IQF frozen green beans freezer machines according to customer needs.

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