Frozen Mango Process Line

Frozen mango production line machinery. Advanced IQF tunnel freezing systems for frozen mangoes making. Quick freeze great quantity of premium mangoes with energy efficiency.


Frozen mango processing line can process fully ripen mangoes into frozen ones. Like other frozen fruits, frozen mangoes are usually found in salad, desserts, fruit smoothies, jam and so on. Frozen mangoes often come in shapes of dices, slices and halves. In light of the fact that frozen mangoes are processed at the ripen time, they are more fresh than the “fresh” ones, which are picked green. Besides, frozen mangoes can reduce waste, for rejected mangoes for supermarkets can be processed into frozen ones. Thanks to rich experience and knowledge, Gelgoog can designs and manufactures industrial frozen mango manufacturing plant according to customer needs.

Processes for Making Frozen Mango

frozen mango processing line

1.Reception. Fresh picked mangoes arrive in factory. Since ripen mangoes are suitable for frozen mangoes making, they should be handled very carefully to ensure no damage.
2.Sorting. In this process, workers will remove defective mangoes ensuring uniform quality of end products.
3.Washing. The fruit washing machine can wash and clean the surface of mangoes, while remove other foreign materials like such as leaves and so on.
4.Peeling and removing pit. Due to the unique characteristics of the mangoes, it is advisable to peel and remove the pit of mangoes by hand, for manual work can reduce waste with good results.
5.Cutting. During the above process, the mangoes are usually in the form of halves. According to customer needs, the mangoes can be further cut into dices, chunks and so on.
6.Pre-cooling. Before freezing, the cut mangoes are cooled down by coolers, retaining the appearance and texture of the mangoes while saving energy for freezing process.
7. Dewatering. In this process, the excess water in the mango are removed so that they do not affect the final quality of frozen mangoes.
8. Freezing. Industrial IQF tunnel freezers are used to quickly freeze the mangoes. With advanced technology and innovative design, the IQF freezing systems can rapidly freeze premium mangoes with great energy efficiency.
9.Weighing and Packing. The frozen mangoes are weighed and packed for storage. Our multi-head weighing and filling machine can weigh and pack in an accurately and efficiently way.

IQF Fluidized Mango Freezer Machine

Equipped with advanced IQF technology, the industrial freezing machine can quickly freeze a great quantity of premium mangoes with high efficiency. With special designed bed plate, the IQF tunnel freezer can handle the sticky mangoes effectively while do no harm to the frozen mangoes. As a result, you will get perfectly separated pieces of frozen mangoes with sustainable use of energy. What’s more, the IQF freezing systems for frozen mangoes processing can be customized in many aspects to meet customer needs.

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