Frozen Dumplings Production Line

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As the name implies, the frozen dumpling production line is designed for making large quantity of premium frozen dumplings. According to Wikipedia, dumpling is a general term for a dish that consists of pieces of dough warpped around fillings, which vary from regions to regions. And the names of the dumplings are different too, such as Russia pelmeni, Polish pierogi and varenyky from Ukrain, as well as the Chinese dumplings and ravioli from Italy. With extensive experience and professional knowledge, Gelgoog can design and develop tailored frozen dumplings process lines to improve product capacity as well as performance.

IQF Frozen Dumplings Making Processes

1.Preparation of raw materials. The food ingredients needed are as follows: plain flour, water, salt, oil, and various ingredients for the fillings.
2.Dumpling dough mixing. Our automatic dumpling dough mixer machine can continuously blend the dumpling dough, ensuring consistent and premium mixing.
3.Dumpling filling mixing. According to customer needs, fillings can be made of vegetables, meat and others. With our automatic dumpling filling mixer, you can get thoroughly stirred dumpling fillings.
4.Dumpling forming. Our dumping making machine is multifunctional, for it includes many parts to form the dumplings. For example, the dumpling making equipment can press the dumpling dough into thin wraps, inject the fillings on the dumpling skin, warp the dumplings with various models.
5.Freezing. Our quality IQF freezing systems can flash freeze large quantity of dumplings which are perfectly separated.
6.Packing. Finally, the frozen dumplings are packed with automatic packing machine. For bulk selling, our multi-head weighing and packing machine can weigh and pack the dumplings with great accuracy.

IQF Frozen Dumplings Freezer Machine

There are several kinds of IQF freezers available for frozen dumplings making, such as IQF tunnel freezer, IQF spiral freezer and IQF liquid nitrogen freezer. With advanced technology, our IQF freezers can quick freeze premium dumplings, retaining the flavor even after thawing. Besides, the IQF freezer can use energy in an effective and efficient way. Above all these, the bed plates of our IQF freezers can be customized so that they do not leaves marks on the surface of dumplings.

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