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Industrial cold room is also known as cold storage, freezer room, cooling room, cold storage warehouse and so on. It is a kind of refrigeration equipment. Cold storage refers to the use of artificial means to create an environment different from outdoor temperature or humidity. It can maintain constant temperature and humidity with advanced technology, so that to store products safely and effectively. And it is usually located near the shipping port or production line. Compared with refrigerators, cold storage room has a larger cooling area. As a professional industrial cold room manufacturer and supplier, we can design and manufacture commercial cold rooms to meet your needs. With rich experience, we can help you with the designing, construction, installation and maintenance of  your commercial cold storage.

Applications of Commercial Cold Storage

A lot of food-based products should be kept in low temperatures to prolong shelf life. With effective temperature control system, our industrial cold storage room can change the temperatures according to the requirements of products. Generally, the commercial cooling room can be used to cool and store food-based products, like vegetable and fruit, flower, seafood, seasonable food-based products and so on. Of course, except for foods, the industrial freezer room can be also used to cool and store medicine, vaccine, and so on.

Industrial Food-based Cold Room

Food cold storage is especially built for food cooling and storage. In order to minimize the impact of external heat, the floor, wall and roof of the cold storage are all laid with layers of moisture-proof and gas-proof  insulation materials. In the management of food cold storage, scientific management should be implemented according to the characteristics of the cold storage to ensure safety as well as effective cooling storage of food.

Outstanding Features of Commercial Cool Room

  1. Rich experience. Due to rich experience and professional knowledge, we can design and manufacture industrial cold storage rooms to meet your needs with quality equipment.
  2. Innovative design. To ensure the safety and effectiveness, all parts of the cool storage are carefully designed with advanced technology. From cool room doors and walls to evaporators and compressors, we ensure quality materials to realize good cooling results.
  3. Great versatility. The cold room can be applied to cool and store various kinds of food-based products, like vegetable and fruit, red meat, poultry, seafood, flower and so on.

Technical Parameters

Models LDK-200 LDK-500
Capacity(t) 200 500
Sizes Custom design Custom design
Installed Power(kw) 35 55
Feed temperature(℃) -18℃
Discharge temperature(℃) -18℃
Circulating temeprature(℃) -35±2℃
Refrigerants Customized

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