IQF Frozen Kiwifruit Process Line

IQF frozen kiwifruit processing line manufacturer and supplier. Advanced tailored IQF freezers ensure premium IQF frozen kiwi fruits with great energy efficiency. Contact Gelgoog for more details now.


IQF frozen kiwifruit process line is designed for making IQF frozen kiwifruit from fresh and ripe ones. IQF frozen kiwifruits are often in the shape of peeled whole, dice and slices. And they are as healthy and fresh ones, for they are picked ripe and quickly be frozen with IQF freezer. Premium IQF kiwifruits can retain the taste, color, and appearance for long time, so they can be enjoyed all year long. And they are often found in ice cream, cake, juice, fruit puree and so on. Gelgoog can design and manufacture complete line for making IQF frozen kiwifruits according to customer needs and requirements.

Machines and Processes for IQF Kiwifruit Making

1.Reception of raw materials. Freshly picked ripe kiwifruits arrive in factory for further processing.
2. Inspection. Ripe but firm kiwifruits are preferable for IQF freezing. Workers can remove the defective ones on inspection table.
3. Washing. The chosen kiwifruits are washed with industrial vegetable and fruit washing machine, removing the light foreign materials.
4. Peeling. The kiwifruits can be peeled both manually and mechanically. In this process, the end of the kiwifruits are also be cut.
5. Cutting. With industrial vegetable and fruit cutter, the kiwifruits can be sliced into dices, slices, halves according to customer needs. Of course, some customers want to IQF frozen kiwifruits whole peeled.
6. Pre-cooling. The ice-cold cooler machine can cool down the kiwifruit effectively and efficiently.
7. Freezing. Our IQF freezer can flash freeze premium kiwifruits with great energy efficiency.
8. Metal detection. Metal detection machine is used to ensure food safety.
9. Weighing and packing. According to customer needs, the frozen kiwifruits are weighed and packed with weighing and packing machine.

Features of Processing Machines for IQF Kiwifruits

1.Premium IQF kiwifruit. Thanks to advanced technology and innovative designs, our quality IQF frozen kiwifruits process line can produce superior end products with high energy efficiency.
2.Flash freezing. With our advanced IQF freezing systems, ripe kiwifruits are quickly frozen to lock in the moisture.
3.Efficient pre-chilling. Ice-cold water cooling machine can make the kiwifruits core temperature drop below 5 degrees Celsius. And this chilling can retain the moisture level and flavor of kiwifruits. What’s more, efficient cooling can ensure better freezing results.
4.Custom design. Thanks to extensive experience and professional knowledge, Gelgoog can customize the IQF frozen kiwifruits production lines to suit client needs and requirements in production capacity, foot prints and so on.

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