Fruit Individual Quick Freezing Machine

Customized IQF freezer for freezing premium fruits. Freeze a wide range of fruits with different shapes, such as dices, slices, strips, and so on.


Fruit individual quick freezing machine, simply known as fruit IQF freezer, is designed for blast freezing of a various fruits. Our fruit IQF tunnel freezers can preserve the natural color, flavor and textures of fruits and berries. Equipped with advanced technology, the freezing machine for fruits can produce various frozen fruits with high performance as well as high energy efficiency. Thanks to years of experience and knowledge, Gelgoog can customize fruit IQF freezing machines to suit your needs.

Applications of Fruit Quick Freezers

The fruit IQF freezers can quick freeze a wide range of fruits and berries with various shapes, like sliced apple, diced peach, berries, diced mango, diced pineapple, and so on. And the IQF freezers can also retain the shapes of the fruits.

Features of IQF Freezers for Fruits

  1. IQF technology. With the advanced IQF technology, the fruit quick freezer machine can realize quick crust-freezing of the fruits. Besides, the airflow in the freezing zone is adjustable, which can separate the fruits with no lump formation.
  2. High yield. With advanced technology, the commercial fruit freezer machines can freeze the fruits efficiently and quickly with less snow formation. As a result, the fruit quick freezers can help processors realize high yield.
  3. Easy cleaning and maintenance. The overall easy-clean design of the fruit freezers make them easy to clean and maintain. What’s more, this can ensure the food safety of the processing lines.
  4. Energy efficiency. Thanks to robust structure and advanced technology, the fruit blast freezer machines can produce top end products with sustainable use of energy.
  5. Custom design. According to the characteristics of fruits as well as your needs, Gelgoog can custom design the IQF freezers for fruits.

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