Commercial IQF Seafood Freezing Machine

Freezing a wide range of seafood with great energy efficiency. Premium IQF seafood freezers. Great energy efficiency with high performance.


As the name implies, commercial IQF seafood freezing machine is specially designed for blast freezing of various seafood. The seafood IQF freezer machine can be used to quick freeze of a great variety of seafood, like fish, shrimp, clam, and so on. Freezing seafood is not only a good way to preserve seafood, but also a optimal way to reduce food waste. With rich experience and knowledge, Gelgoog can customize IQF freezer machines to meet your needs.

IQF Freeze Wide Selection of Seafood

Raw or breaded fish sticks or patties, shrimp, fish fillets, whole fish. Cooked or raw shrimp, skin-on shrimp, scallops, and so on.

Features of IQF Seafood Freezers

  1. IQF With adjustable airflow, efficient conveyor belt, and IQF technology, the seafood freezing machine can optimally freeze a large quantity of seafood without lump formation.
  2. Robust structure. Built with high quality stainless steels, the seafood IQF freezer machine is of great durability. Besides, with well-sealed body and door, the IQF seafood freezer machine can ensure high performance.
  3. Great versatility. The IQF seafood freezer machine can individually quick freezing a great variety of seafood, like clam, shrimp, fish, and so on.
  4. Energy efficiency. Combined with innovative design and advanced technology, the IQF freezer machines can freeze the seafood with superior quality while uses energy in an efficient way.

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