IQF Fluidized Belt Tunnel Freezer

IQF fluidized belt tunnel freezer machine for freezing various vegetables, fruits, seafood, meat and so on. High performance with great energy efficiency.


IQF fluidized belt tunnel freezer is a kind of high efficiency freezing equipment that is used to produce frozen products. And it is widely used in vegetable and fruit industry, poultry industry, red meat industry and seafood industry. The IQF tunnel freezer machine can reduce the temperature of a great many of products below minus 18 degrees within several minutes. In the way, the quality tunnel freezer can preserve the taste, color and texture of end frozen products. In light of different raw materials, we can custom design IQF fluidized belt tunnel freezing machine to meet customer needs. With innovative design, the IQF freezer machine can produce frozen products with high efficiency and energy sustainability.

Configuration of Industrial Tunnel Freezer Machine

To ensure the freezing quality of frozen products, all parts of IQF tunnel freezer machine are carefully designed. The heat preservation system of the tunnel freezer is built with polished stainless steel plate. And the bottom of the freezing machine is made of robust stainless steel with integral welding, which can make sure the sealing effect of the IQF tunnel freezing equipment. The transmission system is composed of motor, mess belt, and stand-alone variable-frequency drive. And the electric system is made of stainless steel electric box and intelligent control system.

Characteristics of Fluidized Bed Tunnel Freezing Equipment

  1. Robust structure. The IQF fluidized belt tunnel freezing machine is made of quality stainless steel, making the IQF freezer durable and stable.
  2. Customized design. All the commercial IQF tunnel freezer machines are tailor made in every aspect to meet customer needs.
  3. Wide application. The IQF freezer machine can be used to freeze a great variety of products within short time, like frozen vegetables, frozen fruits, frozen pastry, frozen red meat, frozen poultry, frozen seafood and so on.
  4. Innovative design. Every part of the IQF blast freezer machine is specially designed so that the IQF freezing machine can quickly freeze a great many of products with sustainable use of energy.

Technical Parameters

Models IQF-100 IQF-200 IQF-300 IQF-400 IQF-500 IQF-1000 IQF-2000 IQF-3000
Capacity(kg/h) 100 200 300 400 500 1000 2000 3000
Refrigeration capacity(kw) 20 36 54 72 90 180 340 540
Size 5500x3400x2900 5500x3400x2900 6000x4000x3700 8000x3700x3600 8000x4000x3700 10500x4200x3500 15000x4700x3600 18000x4300x3700
Installed power(kw) 14 21 18 21 24 35 50 66
Feed temperature(℃) +15℃
Discharge temperature(℃) -18℃
Circulating temeprature(℃) -35±2℃
Freezing time(min) 8~20
Refrigerants Customized

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