Frozen Yellow Peach Production Line

Industrial frozen yellow peach making line machinery. Cusomized IQF fluidized tunnel freezer machines for frozen yellow peach process line. Get perfectly separated frozen yellow peaches with energy efficiency.


Frozen yellow peach production line is specially designed for making frozen yellow peaches from fresh ones. And the frozen yellow peaches often come with different shapes, like dice, slice, halves and so on. Frozen yellow peaches, like other frozen fruits, are popular ingredients in many desserts, fruit salad, fruit smoothies and so on. As a professional manufacturer and supplier of IQF freezing machines, Gelgoog can tailor make frozen yellow peach process lines with quality machines to meet customer needs, like production capacity, factory scale, and so on. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Frozen Yellow Peaches Making Processes

1.Raw material reception. Fresh yellow peaches are transported to factory, waiting for further processing.
2.Inspection and sorting. Workers inspect and sort the fresh peaches at the inspection conveyor, removing sticks, leaves, defective yellow peaches and so on.
3.Washing. The industrial washer can wash and clean the whole yellow peaches effectively, removing dirt, leaves and other foreign materials.
4.Peeling and coring. This process can be done both manually and mechanically.
5.Cutting. After peeling and coring, the yellow peaches go through the cutter machine, which can cut them into halves, dices, or slices according to customer needs.
6.Pre-cooling. This process can cool down the cut peaches, which can not only retain the original texture, taste, color, and appearance of the peaches, but also save energy for the next freezing process.
7. Dewatering. After chilling, extra water is removed from the peaches to ensure the premium quality of frozen yellow peaches.
8.Freezing. IQF fluidized freezing machine can rapidly freeze a great amount of cut peaches with great energy efficiency.
9.Weighing and Packing. Automatic multi-head weighing and packing machine can weigh and pack the frozen peaches accurately.

Industrial Frozen Yellow Peach Freezing System

Due to the delicacy of the yellow cut peach and their light weight, IQF fluidized freezer machine is common for freezing yellow peaches. The fluidized belt of tunnel freezer can ensure consistent crust freezing of the yellow peaches. Built with well-sealed stainless steels and other quality materials, the fluidized tunnel freezing machine is durable and energy saving. Gelgoog can design and develop the customized IQF freezers for your frozen yellow peach process lines to meet your needs.

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