Spiral Fish Tofu Pizza Rolls Freezing Machine 500Kg/H


This fish tofu and pizza roll freezing machine is a spiral freezer. It has the characteristics of compact structure, wide application range, small footprint, and large freezing capacity. According to the structure, it can be divided into a single-spiral freezer and a twin-spiral freezer. It is an ideal choice for quick-frozen flour products equipment.

Advantages of Pizza Rolls Freezing Machine

  • Lower overall production costs: multiple products can be quick-frozen, enabling and multi-purpose.
  • Improve the output of frozen products: Different models can be configured according to the needs of customers to help customers achieve mass production.
  • Improve product quality: Quick freezing can be achieved, and the quality of the products after quick freezing is good, which meets the hygienic requirements of food processing.
  • Flexible and adjustable freezing capacity: the product can be changed quickly, which can freeze single food, and can freeze small. It can install a cold source nearby alone, or it can share a cold source with the cold storage refrigeration system.
  • Smaller footprint: The helical structure can greatly reduce the footprint.
  • Novel design, small space and large output.
  • Excellent material: the main parts are made of food-grade stainless steel, reliable quality and easy to operate

Features of Single Spiral Fish Tofu Freezing Machine

  1. Small footprint, Effective use of energy, the product is evenly frozen.
  2. The inlet and outlet of the single-spiral quick-freezing device can only be divided into two forms: top-in, bottom-out or bottom-in, top-out
  3. It is suitable for quick freezing of various types of food in small and medium-sized food factories.

Features of Double Spiral Pizza Rolls Freezing Machine

  1. The double helix structure is especially suitable for large batches of quick-frozen fish tofu and pizza rolls, with strong freezing ability and mass production.
  2. The twin-spiral inlet and outlet are at the bottom, so the selection of the import and export direction is more flexible, and it is easier to combine with other supporting equipment to realize modern assembly line production.
  3. It is suitable for batch quick-frozen products of large enterprises.

Application of Fish Tofu/Pizza Rolls Frozen Machine

  • Sweet or savory baked goods, various raw and dough doughs, breads and flatbreads, etc.
  • Dairy products, such as ice cream, yogurt, creams, and canned liquids
  • Seafood such as shrimp, squid, fish, etc.
  • Unprocessed or processed meat products
  • Boxed, whole or cut poultry products, such as whole chickens, whole ducks.
  • Puffed food, prepared food, noodle products.
  • Packed or divided fruits and vegetables.

If you want to realize batch frozen fish tofu, pizza rolls and other products, you can leave us a message and we will provide you with more details and quotations about the frozen machine.

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