Commercial IQF Pastry Freezer Machine

Commercial IQF freezer for pastry and bakery products. Freezing premium pastry and bakery foods with high efficiency.


The IQF pastry freezer is designed for the processing and handling many types of bakery goods and other flour-based products. From bread to cakes and cookies to pastry and pasta, the industrial IQF freezing machine can freeze them with high quality and energy efficiency. And as a professional manufacturer and supplier of commercial quick freezers, Gelgoog can design and customize the IQF freezer machines for flour-based products including bakery mixes and frozen dough products. And there are types of IQF freezer available for the pastry industry, such as spiral freezer, tunnel freezer and so on.

Application of Pastry IQF Freezer

From bread to cakes and cookies to pastry and pasta, the IQF freezer can handle all types of bakery goods.

Benefits of Commercial IQF Freezer

  1. Advanced IQF technology. Equipped with IQF technology, the pastry freezer machine can ensure efficient product separation, no lump formation.
  2. Easy cleaning. Due to innovative designs, the IQF pastry freezing machine is of easy cleaning and maintenance. This can not only save break down time, but also make sure food safety.
  3. Energy efficiency. The speed of the fans can be adjusted due to the frequency converters installed on each fan. As a result, the speed can be adjusted according to different materials, saving energy.
  4. Quality end products. With our high quality IQF freezer, the frozen pastry and other flour-based products are of good shape, superior texture and taste and so on.

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