IQF Frozen Onion Processing Line

IQF frozen onion production line manufacturer and supplier. Quick freezing of premium frozen onion cuts and rings with great energy efficiency. Gelgoog offers tailored solutions for IQF frozen onion process lines. Get solutions now.


IQF frozen onion processing line is designed for processing IQF onion cuts, IQF onion rings, frozen onion dices and other related frozen onion products. Onion is a versatile product that can be found in a great variety of cuisines and side dishes. Frozen onions are great solutions to meet the rising demands. With rich experience and knowledge, Gelgoog can offer complete line for IQF frozen onion production from onion peeler to IQF freezer. Please do not hesitate to contact us for tailored solutions.

IQF Frozen Onion Making Processes

  1. Reception of raw materials. Choose the qualified onion species for the production line. Then they can be transported to factory waiting for further processing.
  2. Removing tops and tails. The tops and tails of onions are cut off. And this process can be done both manually and mechanically.
  3. Our onion peeler machine can peel the onions in an effective and efficient way.
  4. Workers inspect the peeled onions to remove defective ones, or peel the unpeeled ones.
  5. Industrial vegetable washing machine can wash and clean the onions with great efficiency.
  6. According to client’s requirements, the onion can be cut into dices, slices, rings and so on. And our vegetable cutter machine can slice the onions with adjustable sizes and shapes.
  7. Extra water on onion cuts are removed with automatic dewatering machine.
  8. Pre-chilling. In this process, the onion cuts are cool down to ensure good freezing results as well as save energy for the freezing process.
  9. Our IQF freezer machine can quickly freeze premium onion cuts with great energy efficiency.

IQF Diced Onion Freezing Machine

With advanced technology, our IQF freezer machines for frozen onion can flash freeze a great quantity of onion cuts with premium quality. The bed plates of the IQF freezer are specially designed to gently handle the onion dices and other onion cuts. Built of high quality materials, the IQF freezing systems for frozen onions can ensure great stability and durability. What’s more, except for frozen onions, the IQF freezing equipment can also be used to flash freeze a great variety of vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, pastry products, prepared foods and so on. All in all, the IQF freezing machines are great investment for frozen onions and other frozen food processors.

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