ommercial Spiral Fish Ball Frozen Machine

This quick-freezing machine is an energy-saving quick-freezing equipment with compact structure, wide application area, small floor space and large freezing capacity.


This fish ball frozen machine is a commercial freezer that can quickly freeze a large number of single products in a short time. In addition to freezing noodle products, it is also suitable for seafood, fruit and vegetable products, meat products and so on. Its structural characteristics can be divided into two forms: the single helix and the double helix. In the quick-freezing industry, this spiral freezer machine is often given priority for saving space, energy-saving and other reasons.

fish ball freezer application

Working Principle Of Spiral Fish Ball Frozen Machine

The material is lifted to the fish ball freezer room with the conveyor belt, and the strong cold air generated by the refrigeration system forms a stable horizontal annular low-temperature air flow under the action of the fan and the deflector, which exchanges heat with the frozen food that moves vertically, and the frozen food achieves rapid speed Cool down and freeze to complete the freezing process.

Features Of Fish Ball Freezer

    • Efficient use of energy to make the product freeze evenly.
    • Adopt the spiral design concept to save space.
    • Longitudinal opposite blowing and circulating air supply, arc-shaped air duct, to ensure fast freezing of food.
    • Single spiral or double spiral structure can be customized according to the output size and product characteristics.
    • The material is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and durable.
    • High heat transfer coefficient, low frost accumulation rate, long continuous working time; uniform and reasonable airflow organization.

Parts Introduction Of Fish Ball Frozen Machine

Conveyor belt:

The stainless steel mesh belt is provided by a professional mesh belt manufacturer. The surface is smooth and beautiful, which meets the requirements of food hygiene. Frozen products can be directly frozen on the surface of the plate. The mesh belt of fish ball freezer is an internal shrinkage type and is made of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel, which can ensure product hygiene requirements.

Electrical control part:

①The main electrical control components are well-known brands with reliable performance.

②The operation of the mesh belt is controlled by a variable frequency power supply, and the speed of the mesh belt can be adjusted steplessly.

③The safety detection device for mesh belt operation adopts non-contact proximity switch with reliable performance.

④The switch cabinet is an all-stainless steel control cabinet with good waterproof and sealing performance.

Our Advantages Of Spiral Fish Ball Frozen Machine

  1. Reasonable price, high quality, multi-layer structure, large storage capacity.
  2. Easy to use, with a wide range of frozen categories: small-packaged foods such as pasta, aquatic products, fried foods, meat foods, and cold foods.
  3. Set up safety devices and emergency stop switches to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
  4. In addition to providing a fish ball freezer, a complete quick-freezing solution can also be designed according to customer requirements.

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