Customizable Design

Choosing appropriate freezing and chilling systems for specific freezing operations i

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High Performance

With advanced technology, the IQF freezing and chilling systems in Gelgoog can realiz

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Customer Service

As a professional manufacturer and supplier of commercial rapid freezing systems, Gel

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QF Belt Tunnel Freezer


Gelgoog designs and manufactures efficient IQF refrigeration systems for various industries, like vegetable industry, fruit industry, seafood industry, poultry industry, red meat industry and so on. Check out more details.

vegetable iqf freezer machine

Vegetable Industry

Frozen vegetables are on rising demand all over the world. For people…

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rapid freezing machine for fruits

Fruit Industry

Our IQF freezing system is suitable for frozen fruit processing.  The…

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seafood freezing machines price

Seafood Industry

Frozen seafood often come with a great many of varieties and different…

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quick freezing machine for meat

Red Meat Industry

Rapid freezing of red meat can enhance the state of proteins and preve…

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rapid freezer for bakery and poultry

Poultry Industry

Quality freezing of poultry products can lead to great product quality…

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pastry industry blast freezer

Pastry Industry

Our quality rapid freezers can process and handle many types of bakery…

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