IQF Frozen Shrimp Process Line

IQF frozen shrimps processing line manufacturer and supplier. Advanced customized IQF freezing systems with robust structure and innovative designs. Produce premium IQF frozen shrimps with uniform quality and high yield. Get tailored solution for IQF frozen shrimps lines by contacting Gelgoog Now!


IQF frozen shrimp process line is specially designed for producing various frozen shrimps, like IQF raw shrimp, IQF cooked shrimp and so on. While there is increasing demand for convenience food, frozen seafood is also on the rise. Among frozen seafood, frozen shrimp products are widely consumed by people of all ages in the world. So IQF frozen shrimp processing line is of great profit to start. With rich experience and professional knowledge, Gelgoog can produce large quantity of premium IQF frozen shrimps with great energy efficiency.

IQF Frozen Shrimp Making Processes

According to customer needs for the end products, the exact processes of IQF frozen shrimps are different. For there are IQF raw shrimps which do not need cooking, while cooker is essential for IQF cooked shrimps making. Besides, there are different forms for the IQF frozen shrimps, like ones with heads or headless ones, peeled or unpeeled, with tails or not. So the following making processes for IQF frozen shrimps are general ones.
1. Reception of raw materials. Ice covered, freshly caught shrimps are transported to factory for further processing.
2. Washing. The shrimps are bulk in feed into washing machine to wash off fines and other foreign materials.
3. Sorting and cleaning. According to customer needs and requirements, the shrimps can be headed or peeled, and sort though the products.
4. Cooking. To make IQF cooked shrimps, the shrimps will be cooked in industrial cooker with controlled temperature and cooking time.
5.Cooling. The cooked shrimps will be quickly cooled down, avoiding over-cooking. Besides, cooling can effectively reduce energy consumption for the next freezing process.
6.Glazing. With our industrial glazing machine, the shrimps can retain sufficient water.
7.Freezing. Our advanced IQF freezing machines can flash freeze the premium shrimps with uniform quality, high yield, and energy efficiency.

shrimp iqf freezer

Advantages of IQF Frozen Shrimps Freezer System

1.Robust structure with quality stainless steels. This can make the machines not only durable but also easy to clean and maintain.
2.High hygiene standards. From quality materials to innovative designs, all our IQF freezer machines can meet high hygienic standards with easy cleaning and maintenance.
3.Superior freezing results. With advanced technology, our IQF freezing machines for IQF frozen shrimps can produce uniform quality IQF frozen shrimps with desirable color, taste, and appearance.
4. Customized designs. All our freezing systems can be custom designed to meet customer needs and requirements.

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