IQF Frozen Pineapple Production Line

IQF frozen pineapple production line manufacturer and supplier. Tailored solutions for IQF frozen pineapple making lines with quality machines. Great investment for frozen fruit and vegetable processors. Contact us now.


As the name implies, IQF frozen pineapple production line is used for processing IQF pineapple in shapes of skewers, tidbits,dices and chunks according to customer needs. And the complete line for IQF frozen pineapple making can automatically produce premium finished frozen pineapple with sustainable use of energy. As a result, the IQF pineapple freezing line is a great investment for frozen fruit and vegetable processor. What’s more, Gelgoog can offer tailored solutions for IQF pineapple process lines to meet customer needs.

IQF Pineapple Making Process

1.Reception of raw materials. Freshly picked and ripe pineapples are transported to factory for further processing.
2.Washing. Industrial vegetable and fruit washing machine can wash off light foreign materials like dirt and leaves from the pineapple.
3.Peeling and coring. Due to the fact that pineapples have thick peel and core, they must be peeled and cored manually or mechanically.
4.Cutting. The peeled and cored pineapples will be cut with industrial vegetable cutter into various shapes, like skewers, tidbits,dices and chunks with various sizes.
5.Pre-cooling. With our advanced cooler, the cut pineapples are cooled down to low degrees, which can be energy efficient for the next freezing process.
6.IQF freezing. Our IQF freezer machines can flash freeze large quantity of premium pineapples dices and so on with high efficiency.

IQF Pineapple Freezing Systems

As professional quality pineapple freezing system manufacturer and supplier, Gelgoog offers several types of IQF freezers. There are IQF fluidized tunnel freezer, IQF tunnel belt freezer, and IQF liquid nitrogen freezing machine. All these IQF freezing machines can be customized in capacity, foot print, materials and so on to suit customer needs and requirements. Equipped with advanced technology and innovative designs, IQF freezing systems in Gelgoog can produce premium frozen pineapples with efficient use of energy.

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