Industrial Vegetables IQF Freezers

Custom design IQF freezers for a wide selection of vegetables with various shapes. High performance and high efficiency. Preferable IQF freezers for freezing vegetable industry.


Industrial vegetables IQF freezers are used to individually quick freezing of various vegetables. There are several types of IQF freezers available to quickly freeze the vegetables. For example, there are IQF freezer machine, fluidized bed freezer, and blast freezer. When it comes to IQF freezing vegetables, Gelgoog designs and manufactures various high quality commercial freezers for vegetables to meet customer needs. With advanced technology, Gelgoog freezer machines can handle delicate and sensitive types of vegetables with great efficiency.

Applications of IQF Freezers for Vegetables

Spinach, asparagus, broccoli, mushroom, carrot, peas, artichoke, baby corn, parsley and so on.

Features of IQF Vegetable Freezing

  1. Robust structure. Gelgoog IQF vegetable freezer machines are all built with quality stainless steels, making them durable and stable.
  2. Easy cleaning and maintenance. Due to innovative design, the vegetable freezer is easy to clean and maintain, reducing break down time.
  3. High quality end products. With adjustable airflow and optimal fluidization, the IQF vegetable freezers can freeze various vegetables with high quality and high efficiency.
  4. Wide application. The industrial IQF freezers can be used to process various frozen vegetables to diversify your business.

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