IQF Frozen Apricots Process Line

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IQF frozen apricots process line is a complete line to process fresh and ripe apricots into frozen ones. Frozen apricots have several advantages. For example, frozen apricots have long shelf life, allowing people to enjoy them all year round. Besides, premium IQF frozen apricots retain original taste, color and texture, making them great ingredients for yogurt, ice cream, bakery products and so on. What’s more, frozen apricots can reduce food waste, because you can defrost and use the exact quantities you require at any given time. With rich experience and professional knowledge, Gelgoog can custom design and develop tailored IQF frozen apricots processing lines to meet customers’ needs and requirements.

IQF Frozen Apricots Making Processes

The processes for making IQF frozen apricots can be different according to the needs of customers. For example, some customers want to frozen apricots with peels, while others prefer peeled frozen apricots. Besides, the apricots can also be blanched or unblanched according to customer needs.
1.Reception. Freshly picked apricots are transported to factory immediately, waiting for further processing.
2.Inspection. To ensure superior end products, only ripe apricots with firm texture are suitable for IQF freezing. The defective ones are removed.
3.Washing. The chosen apricots are gently washed with industrial vegetable washer machine, using the forces of water flows.
4.Peeling and coring. According to client needs, the apricots can be peeled or left unpeeled. Then the cores of apricots are removed.
5.Cutting. In this process, using industrial and fruit cutter machine, the apricots can be cut into dices, slices, halves, segments and so on according to the needs of customers.
6.Pre-chilling. The cut apricots are cooled down with ice water cooling machine. Cooling can not only help to retain the texture, color and appearance of the apricots, but also save energy for the following freezing.
7.Freezing. With IQF freezer machine, the apricots can be flash frozen with premium quality while at the same time uses energy in an efficient way.
8.Weighing and packing. Finally, the frozen apricots are weighed and packed with automatic multi head weighing and packing machine.

IQF Freezer Machine for Frozen Apricots

With rich experience and knowledge, Gelgoog can provide a wide selection of IQF freezing systems for processing frozen apricots. For example, there are liquid nitrogen IQF freezer and IQF tunnel freezer. With advanced technology, the IQF freezing system can flash freeze a great quantity of perfectly separated apricots with great energy efficiency.

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