Industrial Liquid Nitrogen Tunnel Freezer

Commercial liquid nitrogen tunnel freezers for sale. Quick freezing of premium products with energy efficiency. Robust structure with high performance.


Liquid nitrogen tunnel freezer provides rapid and optimal freezing of various food-based products, due to the outstanding feature of liquid nitrogen. It can freeze the products instantly and effectively. As a result, liquid nitrogen tunnel freezer is widely in many industries, like vegetable and fruit industry, seafood industry, red meat industry, poultry industry, and so on. Thanks to years of experience and knowledge, we can design and manufacture liquid nitrogen tunnel freezers according to your needs, improving your business.

Features of Industrial Liquid Nitrogen Tunnel Freezer

  1. Instant freezing. Using liquid nitrogen, the tunnel freezer can quick reduce the temperature of food-based products, while at the same time preserve the flavors and taste of products even after defrosting.
  2. Quality frozen food. Since there is no blowing or heat transferring, the frozen products by liquid nitrogen freezer are of consistent and good quality.
  3. Simple operation. Equipped with computer control system, the industrial liquid nitrogen tunnel freezer is easy to operate and needs few workers.
  4. Wide application. Thanks to its high efficiency, the liquid nitrogen freezer machine can be applied to freeze a great many of food-based products, like seafood, red meat, poultry and so on.

Technical Parameters

Models YSD-500 YSD-1000 YSD-2000 YSD-3000
Capacity(kg/h) 500 1000 2000 3000
Height of inlet and outlet Inlet 1055mm/Outlet 835mm
Max Height 2500mm
Sizes 8000×2230×2500mm 14000×2230×2500mm 17000×2230×2500mm 20000×2230×2500mm
Belt Width 1280mm 1280mm 1280mm 1280mm
Freezing Time 5-25min(Adjustable)
Power(KW) 18 31 41

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