Frozen Pomegranate Seeds Processing Line


The frozen pomegranate seed processing line is a frozen food that is processed by peeling, washing, grading, freezing and other processes of fresh pomegranate seeds. Frozen pomegranate seeds have the characteristics of bright color, crisp and tender taste, and rich nutrition.


The Frozen Pomegranate Seed Processing Line Mainly Includes The Following Processes:

Pomegranate seed picking: Pomegranate seed picking is generally carried out from November to December. At this time, the pomegranate seeds are mature, the pulp is plump, and the seeds are full. When picking, pomegranates with appropriate maturity, intact pulp, and plump seeds should be selected.

Peeling pomegranate seeds: You can use a pomegranate peeling machine to peel pomegranate seeds. Mechanical peeling uses a pomegranate seed peeling machine. Put the pomegranate seeds into the machine, and the machine removes the pulp of the pomegranate seeds through a rotating blade, leaving only the seeds. Manual peeling requires manual removal of the pulp from pomegranate seeds, which is a cumbersome operation.

Pomegranate seed cleaning: After peeling the pomegranate seeds, you need to clean them to remove pulp residue and impurities on the surface of the pomegranate seeds. Cleaning can be done by running water or soaking. For running water cleaning, the pomegranate seeds are put into flowing water for cleaning. For immersion cleaning, the pomegranate seeds are soaked in water to precipitate the pulp residue and impurities.

Pomegranate seed grading: Pomegranate seed grading is based on the size and shape of the pomegranate seeds to ensure the quality of the pomegranate seeds. Mechanical grading uses a pomegranate seed grading machine. The pomegranate seeds are put into the machine, and the machine divides the pomegranate seeds into different sizes through a rotating screen.

Quick freezing of pomegranate seeds: Quick freezing of pomegranate seeds reduces the temperature of the pomegranate seeds to below -18°C in a short period of time to prevent the pomegranate seeds from deteriorating. Quick freezing can be done by liquid nitrogen quick freezing or air cooling quick freezing. Liquid nitrogen quick freezing uses liquid nitrogen to freeze pomegranate seeds directly, while air cooling quick freezing uses air cooling to freeze pomegranate seeds.

Advantages Of Frozen Pomegranate Seed Processing Line:

1. Good preservation effect: it can be quickly cooled to below -18°C, effectively inhibiting the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, thereby extending the shelf life of pomegranate seeds.

2. Good taste: During the processing of quick-frozen pomegranate seeds, the nutrients and original taste of the pomegranate seeds can be retained.

3. Easy to operate: The quick-frozen pomegranate seed processing line adopts automated production, which is simple to operate and saves time and effort.

Frozen pomegranate seeds have a wide range of applications and can be used to make salads, yogurt, ice cream and other foods, or can be eaten directly.

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