Frozen Carrot Process Line

IQF frozen carrots can not only preserve the color, appearance, texture and taste of fresh carrots, but also can reduce food waste. IQF frozen carrot process line can process large quantity of frozen carrots automatically with great energy efficiency.


With rich nutrition, carrots are widely enjoyed by people of all ages around the world, and they are important ingredients in many cuisines. Frozen carrots can allow people enjoy them all year round with limited amount of consumption. The frozen carrot process line can process fresh carrots into premium frozen ones automatically with great efficiency. Due to rich experience and expertise knowledge, Gelgoog can custom design the industrial frozen carrot manufacturing plant according to customer needs.

Frozen Carrot Making Processes

  1. Carrot reception. The large quantity of fresh carrots, without leaves, arrive in factory.
  2. Remove heads and ends. In this process, the heads and ends of the carrots are removed manually and mechanically. This process can ensure the premium quality of end products.
  3. Washing and peeling. Our brush type washer and peeler machine can wash and peel the carrots in one machine with high efficiency.
  4. Cutting. Frozen carrots often come with various shapes, like dices, slices, chunks, strips and so on. Our carrot cutting machine can cut desirable shapes with adjustable sizes.
  5. Blanching. The cut carrots are put into hot water for a short period of time. Blanching can retains the desirable color, appearance, and eliminates potential bacteria. Our carrot blancher machine can blanch the carrots with precise blanching temperature and time.
  6. Dewatering.This process is to remove extra water in the blanched carrots. Automatic dewatering machine can reduce excess water by vibrating motion, while do no damage to the carrots.
  7. Cooling. The blanched carrots are of high temperature. Cooling down them can not only preserve the texture of the carrots, but also save energy for the following freezing process.
  8. Freezing. The IQF freezing system can quick freeze a great many of carrots without clog formation.
  9. Weighing and filling. The automatic multihead weighing and filling machine can weigh and pack the frozen carrots with great accuracy.

IQF Carrot Freezing System

With advanced technology like IQF, the industrial freezing equipment can rapidly freeze a great quantity of carrots with energy efficiency. Built with well-sealed stainless steels, the commercial freezers for frozen carrots making can use the energy to the most without little waste. What’s more, been in the freezing equipment industry for many years, Gelgoog can offer tailored solutions for your food-based processing lines with quality freezers and other related machines. We can design and manufacture the IQF freezer machines according to your products, factory size, and production capacity and so on. Please feel free to contact us for your tailored solutions.

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