Commercial IQF Blast Freezer Supplier

Industrial IQF blast freezer manufacturer and supplier. Advanced freezing system for various industries. Freeze premium products with sustainable use of energy.


Commercial IQF blast freezer supplier. Shock freezer is of compact design with several trays inside to freeze products. And as the name implies, the commercial blast freezer machine can freeze various products within short period of time. With small footprint, commercial blast chiller is suitable for small scale and medium freezing plant. And the shock freezer machine can be used to freeze a great many of products, like pastry, meat, prepared food and so on. Being a professional manufacturer and supplier of commercial blast freezers, we can design them according to your needs.

Advantages of Commercial Blast Chiller

  1. Easy cleaning.Inside blast freezer machine, there are rounded corners, which make the blast freezer easy to clean.
  2. Robust built. The whole structure of the blast freezer is made of high quality stainless steel, which make the commercial blast freezer durable.
  3. Chilling and freezing. The commercial blast freezer can both chill and freeze products. For the temperature inside the blast freezer can be adjusted for chilling and freezing situations.
  4. Good insulation. The door and body of the commercial shock chiller are welled sealed to protect the good sealing of end products.
  5. Wide application. The commercial blast freezer can be used to freeze a great many of products, like meat, prepared food, pastry and so on.

    Technical Parameters

    Models SDG-50-1-1 SDG-100-2-2
    Capacity(kg/h) 50 100
    Size(MM) 2350x1400x1900 1550x2100x1840
    Installed power(kw) 4 18
    Feed temperature(℃) +15℃
    Discharge temperature(℃) -18℃
    Circulating temeprature(℃) -35±2℃
    Freezing time (min) 40~60
    Refrigerants Customized

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