IQF Spiral Freezer Machine Industrial

Commercial IQF spiral freezer for sale. Single and twin spiral freezers available. Customized designs to meet customer needs. Small footprint.


IQF spiral freezer machine is a quality IQF freezer machine with great energy efficiency. The stainless steel built conveyor belt can do spiral rotation in the freezing room, by which the freezer can realize the blast freezing of raw products. With compact design and small footprint, the spiral freezing machine is preferred by large and medium frozen food processing industry. And it is suitable for quick freezing of prepared food, small packed food, vegetable and fruit, seafood, meat and so on. We can customize IQF spiral freezer machines to meet your needs.

Types of IQF Spiral Freezing Machines

In general, there are two kinds of spiral freezer machines. One is single drum spiral freezer. While the other is twin double drum IQF freezer machine. As the names imply, the main difference between these two spiral machines is the number of spiral drum. Of course, the production capacity of twin IQF spiral freezer is larger than that of the single drum spiral freezer machine. Whatever spiral freezer machines you choose, we can custom design them in configurations to meet your needs. For instance, the inlet and outlet of the IQF freezer machines can designed and manufactured flexibly according to customer requirements.

Features of Spiral IQF Freezers

  1. Robust design. The whole IQF freezer machine is made of quality SUS stainless steel with good sealing effect, ensuring the superior freezing quality of end products.
  2. Compact designs with small footprints. Compared with other industrial freezing machine with same capacity, IQF freezer machines occupies less space with same freezing result. As a result, the spiral freezer machine is good choice for medium and large frozen food making factories.
  3. Innovative designs. Due to its innovative design, the spiral freezer machine can not only freeze products effectively, but also is easy to clean and maintain, saving breakdown time.
  4. Wide application. The IQF freezer machine is applicable for freezing a large variety of products, like vegetable and fruit, meat, seafood, semi-processed products and so on.
  5. Energy efficiency. Due to innovative designs, such as freezing system, transmission system, circulating system, the IQF spiral freezing machine uses energy effectively.

Technical Parameters

Models LSD1-500 LSD1-1000 LSD2-1000 LSD2-1500 LSD2-2000 LSD3-3000
Capacity(kg/h) 500 1000 1000 1500 2000 3000
Refrigeration capacity(kw) 80 160 160 240 300 360
Size 6500x4440x3520 7000x5400x4200 12600x4440x3520 13800x5400x3670 13800x5400x4200 16260x6000x4510
Installed Power(kw) 16.8 24.2 30 38 53 66
Feed temperature(℃) +15℃
Discharge temperature(℃) -18℃
Circulating temeprature(℃) -35±2℃
Freezing Time(min) 20~60
Refrigerants Customized

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