IQF Frozen Plum Process Line

Industrial IQF frozen plums processing lines manufacturer and supplier. Advanced freezing systems for frozen plums making. Get premium frozen plums with high energy efficiency. Get tailored solutions for frozen plums making lines now.


IQF frozen plum process line is designed for processing fresh plums into frozen ones. Like other frozen fruits, frozen plums are widely found in fruit purees, fruit juice, ice creams and so on. With quality machines, our IQF frozen plum processing line can process premium frozen plums with efficient use of energy. With rich experience and professional knowledge, Gelgoog can design, develop and manufacture tailored industrial IQF frozen plum process lines to suit customer needs and requirements.

Processes for Making IQF Frozen Plum

1.Reception of raw materials. Fresh picked plums are transferred to factory for further processes.
2.Inspection and sorting. In this process, workers at the inspection table inspect the plums and sort out the defectives. Besides, workers also remove the stems and leaves off the plums.
3.Washing. The whole plums are washed and cleaned to remove dirt and other foreign materials with industrial vegetable and fruit washing machines.
4.Coring. As stone fruit, the stones of plums should be removed manually.
5.Cutting. According to customer needs, the de-stoned plums are cut into halves or dices with adjustable sizes with our industrial vegetable and fruit cutter machines.
6.Washing. This time, the cut plums are washed again to remove cutting debris and other foreign materials, ensuring the consistent quality of end products.
7.Dewatering. Our industrial dewatering machine, using vibrating belts or air drying system, can remove excess water from the washed plum, making sure good freezing results. For excess water on the surface of plums can affect the quality of frozen products.
8.Pre-cooling. In this process, the plums are chilled with cold water cooling machine. The chilling process can not only retain the texture, appearance and taste of the plums, but also can save energy for the following freezing process.
9.Freezing. The chilled plums are quickly frozen with our industrial flash freezing machines.
10.Metal-detecting. The automatic metal detecting machine can detect metals in the frozen plums with great efficiency.
11.Weighing and packing. Finally, the frozen plums are weighed and packed with automatic multi-head weighing and packing machine.

Advanced IQF Frozen Plum Freezers

With high technology and innovative designs, our advanced IQF frozen plum freezing machines can rapidly freeze a great quantity of premium frozen plums with high efficiency. And there are several kinds of IQF freezers available for frozen plums making, like IQF tunnel freezer, IQF liquid nitrogen freezing machine, and so on. Thanks to rich experience, we can custom design the IQF freezing systems to meet customer needs and requirements.

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