Industrial Frozen Seafood Ice Glazing Machine

Industrial frozen seafood glazing machine manufacturer and supplier. With innovative designs, our commercial ice coating machine for frozen seafood can ensure consistent and uniform glazing with efficient use of energy. Get customized glazing machine here now.


Industrial frozen seafood ice glazing machine is specially designed for making glazed frozen seafood, like frozen shrimp, frozen fish, and others. Glazing is a process of applying a layer of ice to the surface of frozen products, so the glazing machine is also known as ice coating machine for frozen seafood. The ice water glazing process for frozen seafood can protect them from dehydration in cold store. And usually glazed frozen seafood should be refreeze to maintain the heat in the cold room. With rich experience and professional knowledge, Gelgoog can custom design industrial frozen seafood ice glazing machines to meet customer needs and requirements.

Features of Commercial Ice Glazing Machine for Frozen Seafood

1.Dip and spray glazer. Our frozen seafood glazing machine uses both dipping and spraying methods to ensure a good ice coating result. The spraying devices can provide constant supply of ice cold water and glaze the surfaces of frozen seafood.
2.Constant speed belt. This can ensure a controlled period of time of glazing.
3.Precise temperature control. Our industrial ice coating machine for frozen seafood can ensure precise glazing temperature.
4.Robust structure. The commercial frozen seafood ice coating machine is built with 304 stainless steels for great stability and durability.
5.Customized design. Our commercial glazing machine for frozen seafood can be designed and developed to suit customer needs and requirements.
6. Complete and uniform glazing. With above innovative design and advanced technology, our industrial glazing machine for frozen seafood can realize consistent and uniform ice coating.

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