Frozen Asparagus Processing Line

IQF frozen asparagus processing line manufactuer and supplier. Advanced IQF fluidized tunnel freezer machine for frozen asparagus making. Rapid freezing of great quantity of asparagus with great energy efficiency. Get tailored solutions for frozen asparagus process lines here now.


Frozen asparagus processing line is used for processing frozen asparagus from young asparagus shoots.Tender asparagus is of rising popularity for its rich nutrition while low food energy. It is often found as appetizer, vegetable side dish, salad and so on. Due to the fact that asparagus is seasonal with short shelf life, except for picked one, frozen asparagus is the good solution so that people can enjoy it all year around. With extensive experience, Gelgoog can customize the IQF frozen asparagus process lines to meet customer needs.

IQF Frozen Asparagus Making Processes

1.Reception. Freshly picked young asparagus shoots arrive in factory waiting for further processing.
2.Washing. Industrial vegetable washing machine can wash and clean the asparagus effectively and efficiently, by removing the dirt and other foreign materials with the forces of water flows.
3.Cutting. Asparagus is cut into certain lengths according to customer needs with vegetable cutter machine.
4.Selection. Workers can inspect and select the cut asparagus, removing the defective ones.
5.Blanching. Blanching can deactivate the enzymatic activity which can speed up spoilage. Our vegetable blanching machine ensures controlled blanching temperature and time, ensuring premium blanched asparagus.
6.Dewatering and cooling. After blanching, excess water is removed from the asparagus with automatic dewatering machine. Then the hot asparagus is cooled down with ice cold water to retain its appearance, color and texture.
7.Freezing. IQF freezer machine can rapidly freeze the asparagus with no formation of clogs.
8.Sorting and inspection. After freezing, the frozen asparagus is inspected to remove the under standards ones.
9.Weighing and packing. Finally, the frozen asparagus is weighed and packed with automatic multi-head weighing and packing machine.

IQF Fluidization Tunnel Freezer for Frozen Asparagus

Due to characteristics such as high water composition, light weight and delicate quality, advanced IQF fluidized tunnel freezer is needed to produce premium IQF frozen asparagus. With IQF technology and fluidized tunnel belt, the tunnel freezer can realize superior frozen asparagus with great energy efficiency.

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