Frozen Okra Processing Line

Frozen okra processing line manufacturer and supplier. Complete line for porcessing frozen okra. Quality machinery ensure premium frozen okra with efficient use of energy. Gelgoog offer tailored solutions for frozen okra making line. Contact now.


Frozen okra processing line is designed for producing whole frozen okra or frozen cut okra from fresh ones. As a kind of nutritious vegetable, okra is often fried or stewed by people all over the world. Frozen okra can allow people enjoy this delicacy all year round, while at the same time reduce food waste. With quality IQF freezing system, premium frozen okra is as healthy as the fresh ones. And with Thanks to extensive experience, Gelgoog can offer tailored complete process line for making frozen okra.

Processes for Making Frozen Okra

1.Reception. Fresh picked okra is transported to factory waiting for further processing.
2.Washing. The whole okra is washed and cleaned with vegetable washing machine, using the forces of water flow.
3.Cutting. The okra is cut into small slices with adjustable sizes. Our industrial vegetable cutter can done the cutting work effectively and efficiently.
4.Sorting. Cut okra is inspected and sorted manually or mechanically, removing the defective ones.
5.Cleaning. Once again, the cut okra is washed and cleaned by industrial washer and cleaner.
6.Blanching. Blanching the okra is essential, for it can deactivate the
7.Cooling. The blanched okra is cooled down to lower temperature and protect the texture and color the okra.
8.Dewatering. Our vegetable dewatering machine can remove extra water from the blanced okra, ensuring premium quality of end products.
9.Freezing. IQF freezing machine can flash freeze large quantity of okra with perfectly separated products.
10.Grading. With automatic grader machine, frozen okra is graded according to sizes or weights.
11.Weighing and packing. Finally, our automatic multi-head weighing and packing machine can accurately weigh and pack the products, ready for storage as well as transportation.

IQF Tunnel Freezer for Frozen Okra Making

Gelgoog designs and develops advanced IQF tunnel freezers for processing frozen okra, and many other frozen fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood and so on. With IQF technology, the freezing system can produce a great many of frozen okra with no formation of clogs. Besides, due to innovative designs, the IQF flash freezer is easy to clean and maintain, reducing maintenance costs. What’s more, the quick freezing equipment uses energy in an effective and efficient way.

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