Industrial Poultry IQF Freezers

IQF freezers for freezing premium poultry products, like raw chicken, chicken legs, chicken wings and so on. Poultry IQF freezers with high performance and high energy efficiency.


Industrial poultry IQF freezer is suited for freezing poultry, which is widely used by poultry food processors. With innovative design, the poultry freezer machines can freeze the poultry products quickly and individually with energy efficiency. Generally, there are two kinds of commercial freezers that are suitable for quick freezing of poultry. One is IQF spiral freezer and the other is tunnel freezer for frozen poultry. Due to professional knowledge and rich experience, Gelgoog can custom design IQF freezers to suit your requirements.

Applications of Poultry Freezing Machine

The IQF freezer machines can quick freeze a wide range of poultry products with energy efficiency, like chicken nuggets, chicken legs, wings, and other parts of poultry meat.

Advantages of IQF Poultry Freezers

  1. Solid reliability. Our poultry freezing machines are all made of quality stainless steels, which make the freezers durable and stable for long term. And all the freezing machines for poultry are designed and manufactured by our professional engineers.
  2. IQF technology. With advanced IQF technology, the quick freezer machines for poultry can realize quick crust-freezing of the poultry products with no lump formation.
  3. Energy efficiency. Equipped with innovative technology, such as IQF technology and adjustable airflow, the freezing machine for poultry can freeze poultry products with high quality while use energy in an efficient way. Besides, the well-sealed structures of the IQF poultry freezers ensure efficient use of the energy without waste.
  4. Food safety. The overall easy to clean design and the advanced technology can ensure the food safety of the poultry products, which is vital for the processors as well as consumers.

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