Frozen Strawberry Processing Line Machinery

Frozen strawberry processing line machinery. Quality industrial freezers for freezing premium IQF berries. IQF freezing strawberry and other berries with high energy efficiency.


Frozen strawberry processing line is designed to freeze fresh strawberries into frozen ones. For the strawberry is on great demand all year round, especially in making desserts. Due to the delicate texture of strawberries, they are gently handled in the processing line. From initial washing and final packing, we can manufacturer and provide all strawberry processing machines. Thanks to years of experience and knowledge, Gelgoog can custom design frozen strawberry processing line with quality machines to suit your requirements.

Frozen Strawberry Making Processes

  1. Reception. Fresh strawberries are transported directly to factory for further processing.
  2. Disinfection. The strawberries are disinfected to eliminate bacteria, ensuring the safety of end products.
  3. Removing leaves and stems. The leaves and stems of strawberries received are removed by human labor.
  4. Washing and cleaning. The stem removed strawberries are washed and cleaned to remove the dirt. We customize strawberry washing machines to suit your wants. After water bubble washing, the strawberries are then transferred to another washer, which is often equipped with soft brushes.
  5. Sorting. The washed and cleaned strawberries are then sorted to remove the bruised ones and other under standard ones. This process can be done both manually and mechanically.
  6. Pre-cooling. To save energy as well as ensure quality, the strawberries should be cooled down by cooler and chiller machine.
  7. Dewatering. The selected strawberries are covered with water. The strawberry dehydration machine can effectively remove extra water on the surfaces of the strawberries.
  8. Freezing. The chosen strawberries are frozen. Our IQF strawberries washing machine can freeze them effectively and efficiently.
  9. Sorting and Grading. The frozen strawberries are once again be sorted and graded for the consistent quality of end products.
  10. Weighing and packing. Then the frozen strawberries are weighed and packed. We provide multihead weigher and packaging machine, which can weigh and packing the frozen strawberries automatically and precisely.
  11. Metal detecting. This process can check whether is metal in the frozen strawberries bags.
  12. Cooling storage. Finally, the end products are transferred to cool room.

IQF Strawberry Tunnel Freezer

With IQF technology, the strawberry IQF tunnel freezer can quick freeze a large quantity of strawberries in minutes, preventing them from clogging together. Precise temperature control and adjustable speed of freezing belt ensure the superior freezing result of the strawberries. Besides, of stainless steel build with well-sealed structure, the IQF strawberry freezing machine can use energy in an effective way. What’s more, the industrial IQF strawberry freezer is easy to operate with computer control system.

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