Avocado Chunks IQF Freezer Tunnel Production Line

The output of the avocado quick-freezer per hour is between 300kg/h-3000kg/h. Support customization.


IQF avocado chunks are quick-frozen avocado chunks made by an avocado chunks frozen machine after dicing avocados. The quick-frozen avocado chunks are convenient for storage and transportation while reducing the loss of nutrients, maintaining the original color, and extending the shelf life of the product.

Commercial avocado chunks frozen machine

Production Process Of Freezing Avocado Chunks

  • Step1: Pick: Choose high-quality avocados that are bright green in color, and remove rotten, damaged avocados.
  • Step2: Cleaning: Use a bubble cleaning machine to clean the avocado.
  • Step3: peeling and removing the core: before peeling and removing the skin, it can be divided in half, then the epidermis is removed, and the core is removed.
  • Step4: Cut into chunks: Use a slicer to cut the avocado into cubes or pieces.
  • Step5: Color protection: The cut butter is blanched to protect the color of the pulp.
  • Step6: Cooling: The blanched avocado pieces should be cooled quickly to prevent the pulp from softening.
  • Step7: pre-cooling: pre-cooling before quick freezing
  • Step8: Quick-freezing: Use an IQF freezer tunnel machine to quick-freeze the avocado pieces.
  • Step9: Packaging: The frozen avocado chunks are packaged.
  • Step10: Refrigeration: store and extend the shelf life of the product.

Working Video Of Avocado Chunks Frozen Machine

Below is the working video of this machine, which has high work efficiency and can freeze a variety of products. If you want to know more details about this machine, you can leave us a message.

Features Of Avocado Chunks IQF freezer Tunnel Machine

  1. The working principle of the avocado chunks frozen machine is to circulate air at a very high speed at a temperature of 35°C. This will rapidly reduce the temperature of the product and stabilize the core temperature of the product at around -18°-20°C.
  2. The freezing efficiency is high, and there are many types of frozen products. In addition to being suitable for continuous freezing of fruits and vegetables, it can also be used for continuous freezing of seafood, meat products such as scallops, shrimp, and fish fillets.
  3. Make tiny-sized ice crystals formed on the surface of the avocado block without destroying the cell tissue of the product.
  4. Reduce the loss of most nutrients and vitamins, and have a longer shelf life.

Applications Of IQF Avocado Machine

This machine has a wide range of application prospects, mainly suitable for quick freezing for commercial purposes, such as food quick freezing processing plants, large supermarkets, and so on.

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