Frozen Spinach Process Line

IQF frozen spinach process line manufactuer and supplier. Tailored IQF tunnel belt freezer for frozen spinach making. Get premium frozen spinach with great energy efficiency. Contact Gelgoog for More.


Frozen spinach process line includes a series of machinery that can produce premium frozen spinach from fresh one. Due to seasonality and delicate texture, spinach is of short shelf life. To meet great demand of spinach in off season, frozen spinach is a great solution. For premium frozen spinach is as nutrient-dense as fresh ones. Thanks to extensive experience and professional knowledge, Gelgoog designs and develops high quality IQF frozen spinach processing machines to meet client needs.

IQF Frozen Spinach Making Processes

  1. Freshly picked spinach arrives in factory waiting for further processing.
  2. Leave separation. The spinach leaves should be separated manually, while discarding the roots.
  3. In this process, the spinach leaves are inspected, eliminating the bruised ones.
  4. The industrial leafy vegetable washing machine can wash and clean the spinach leaves in an effective and efficient way, removing sand, soil, dirt and so on.
  5. Blanching is essential for it can preserve the color, taste, appearance and texture of the spinach leaves. Our vegetable blancher can ensure accurate blanching temperature and time, avoiding over blanching.
  6. Quick and even cooling and chilling of the blanched spinach leaves can retain the desirable color and appearance.
  7. Extra water on the spinach leaves is removed, preventing the formation of lumps and ensuring the texture of defrost spinach leaves.
  8. Quick freezing of the spinach leaves can do no damage to the cells of spinach leaves, and thus retain the nutrient values.
  9. Weighing and packing. With automatic multi-head weighing and packing machine, the frozen spinach leaves are accurately weighed and packed.

IQF Tunnel Freezer for Frozen Spinach

Our advanced IQF tunnel freezer machine can flash freeze a great quantity of premium spinach leaves with great energy efficiency. Built with well-sealed 304 stainless steel structure, the IQF flash freezer machines for frozen spinach making is great investment with high durability and sanitation. What’s more, the IQF freezing system can use energy effectively and efficiently to produce high quality frozen spinach leaves. Gelgoog can customize IQF freezing systems for frozen spinach processing lines to suit customer needs and requirements.

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