Frozen Mix Vegetable Machine And Processing Plant

This machine is suitable for a variety of materials: green beans, carrots, broccoli, okra, asparagus, cauliflower, peppers, potatoes, spinach, etc.


The frozen mix vegetable machine can freeze different kinds of vegetables in a short time, which can effectively reduce the water separation in the cells, reduce the loss of juice during thawing, and play a good role in preserving freshness. The temperature, time, and conveying speed of the equipment can be adjusted flexibly, and it is suitable for fruit and vegetable processing plant equipment, frozen food plant equipment, snack food plant equipment, and so on.


Advantages Of Frozen Mix Vegetable Machine

  1. Beautiful design: This machine adopts advanced materials and has a beautiful appearance.
  2. Frozen products are of good quality: the frozen vegetables are of good quality and will not agglomerate.
  3. The high degree of hygiene: the finished products are more hygienic and easy to clean and maintain.
  4. High cooling efficiency: high cooling effect and energy saving.
  5. High-speed freezing efficiency: the freezing speed is fast, which can realize rapid frost flushing, which is the rapid freezing of frozen products.
  6. Wide range of frozen products: widely used in the freezing of block, flake and whole vegetables, fruits, meat products and seafood.

Working Video Of Frozen Vegetables Processing Plant

Introduction of Frozen Vegetables Processing Plant

In addition to a separate frozen mix vegetable machine, we also provide a complete vegetable freezing processing line, the processing flow mainly includes the following aspects.

  1. Vegetable selection: Choose high-quality vegetables to ensure high quality and no rot.
  2. Vegetable cleaning: To clean the vegetables, you can choose a cleaning machine according to the characteristics of different vegetables. For example, you can choose a bubble cleaning machine for leafy vegetables, and a brush cleaning machine for root vegetables.
  3. Vegetable cutting: According to the needs of the finished product, the vegetables can be cut into flakes, diced, filaments, and so on.
  4. Vegetable blanching: Use a continuous blanching machine to blanch vegetables, which can protect the color.
  5. Drain and air-dry the vegetables: The blanched vegetables need to be drained, and the surface water should be removed with an air dryer.
  6. Vegetable pre-cooling: Vegetables need to be pre-cooled before freezing.
  7. Vegetable freezing: put it into the tray and transport it to the frozen vegetable processing machinery through the conveyor belt to start freezing.
  8. Vegetable packaging: Weigh and package the frozen vegetables.
  9. Cold storage: store the packaged vegetable products.


Whether you need a separate frozen mix vegetable machine or a frozen vegetable processing plant, we can design a solution according to your needs. Send us a message to inform your needs, we will design a plan and provide a free quotation for you as soon as possible.