As each piece of equipment passed the customer’s careful inspection, the company’s avocado quick-freezing project in Kenya successfully completed the acceptance process. Over the past month or so, our delivery team has demonstrated extraordinary perseverance and professional skills, successfully overcoming numerous challenges, successfully completing the precise layout and installation of the production line, and passing multiple real-material test runs to ensure the project’s success. Perfect. In addition, we have carefully planned and implemented employee training plans, fully reflecting our all-round, one-stop delivery capabilities from installation to training.

The process of the frozen avocado processing line usually includes the following main steps:

Receiving and Inspection: Fresh avocados are received and inspected for appearance and quality. Remove unqualified fruits.

Cleaning and disinfection: Wash the avocados in clean water to remove surface dirt and bacteria. Disinfection is sometimes performed to ensure product safety.

Peel and core: Peel and core the avocado. Specialized avocado peeling equipment is often used to increase efficiency and accuracy.

Slicing or dicing: Cut the avocado into slices or cubes depending on the final product requirements. This may require the use of different specifications of cutting equipment.

Soaking or processing liquid: Some processors soak avocado chunks or slices during this step to maintain their freshness and color. Antioxidants may also be added to the treatment fluid to prevent oxidation.

Freezing: Place the processed avocados in the freezer for freezing. Quick freezing technology is often used to ensure product quality and taste.

The company has successfully implemented a number of on-site installation projects. This series of practices has not only enriched our practical experience, but also prompted us to continuously optimize and standardize the delivery process, bringing a more efficient and smoother service experience to every customer who trusts us. . We offer complete processing solutions and you can always get in touch if you want to start a frozen avocado processing project.