Freezers are usually used when we need to cool certain items. In freezer technology, IQF freezer is a commonly used technology that keeps food from sticking together when frozen. So, how does an IQF freezer work?

First of all, IQF is the abbreviation of “Individual Quick Freezing”, which means independent quick freezing. Unlike traditional batch freezing, each food item is frozen individually, thus helping to maintain its shape, texture and nutrition.

An IQF freezer consists of a closed vessel (called a condenser), an evaporator (located inside the vessel), and a compressor. As the air passes through the evaporator, the frozen food is placed in the moving air, causing rapid cooling.

When food enters the IQF freezer through the feed port, the direction of air flow is from bottom to top. This prevents jelly and other materials from moving from the bottom and sticking together.

The compressor puts enough energy in the refrigerant to evaporate the liquid into a gas. This absorbs a lot of heat and turns into liquid in the condenser. The heat in the liquid condenser is absorbed and rejected, and the air is cooled and recirculated back into the evaporator, freezing the food.

In order to achieve the best results from an IQF freezer, it is necessary to ensure that the cooling air temperature and velocity are ultimately appropriate for each food type. At the same time, ensure that the temperature of the food is stable so that its freezing speed can be fully controlled, which helps to reduce the risk of joints and deformation.

Commercial IQF freezers typically use a colorless gas such as ammonia or carbon dioxide as the refrigerant for condensation. They are two reliable, electrified, efficient and economical refrigerants widely used in commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment.

To sum up, the IQF freezer is a very effective cooling option that helps producers produce high-quality, nutritious and good-looking food and is widely used in the food processing industry. Understanding how an IQF freezer works will help us better utilize this technology to produce the highest quality frozen food.