Broccoli, like cauliflower and asparagus, is sensitive and delicate vegetable that needs extra care in processing. For the broccoli is made of soft florets and thick stalk, and cut broccoli may vary from each other in sizes and thicknesses. When it comes to the processes for producing frozen broccoli, the thermal treats like blanching, cooling and chilling, and freezing of the broccoli are necessary. And these thermal treating processes can largely determine the final quality.

Blanching broccoli is vital, for it can neutralize enzyme activity to preserve the color, texture, and texture of the broccoli. Besides, it can also eliminate potential bacteria for food safety. However, the over blanching of the broccoli can result in discoloration, soft texture and inconsistent quality. As a result, it is crucial to precisely control the blanching temperature and blanching time.

Quick cooling of the blanched broccoli is important. For it can not only prevent over blanching, but also prepare the broccoli for next process – freezing, in which is usually of minus temperature. Of course, this can also save energy.

In the freezing process, the broccoli should also be handled gently for the delicate characteristics of the broccoli. With advanced IQF technology, controlled temperature and speed, our commercial freezer can produce high quality frozen broccoli without lump formation, while uses the energy in sustainable way.