As a nutrition-dense tropical fruit, avocado enjoys great popularity among healthy awareness people all around the world. However, due to the unique characteristics of avocados, there may generate more waste. For example, to have an enticing appearance, fresh avocados with over-ripe and odd-shaped are rejected. And the shelf life for fresh avocados is only 1-2 days. Frozen avocados are often in the shapes of halves, dices or slices, and people can consume them with limited amount and preserve for longer period of time. Therefore, freezing mature avocados after harvesting can effectively eliminate food waste. What’s more, the frozen avocados can preserve the natural appearance, texture, smell, and nutrients in an effective way.

The processes of making frozen avocados are as follows. Firstly, the fresh avocados are often cut by mechanical cutters. Then the avocados are de-stoned and the fruit meat are scooped out. After that, according to requirements, the avocados are further cut into halves, dices or slices. To get premium appearance and texture, cooling the avocados is necessary before freezing.

Our quality IQF freezing system can cool and freeze the premium avocados with efficient use of energy. And the avocado IQF freezing machines have advanced features which can produce superior end products with high yield. We can custom design IQF freezers to meet customer’s requirements in production capacity and so on.