With development of society as well as technology, frozen fruits and vegetables are on rising demand, for more and more people seek for convenient, diverse and healthy food products. For frozen fruits and vegetables are as healthy as fresh ones, if not healthier. Especially under the influence of Covid-19, frozen vegetables and fruits are highly sought for their nutrition, long shelf life and convenience.

Healthy Frozen Veggies and Fruits

People often tend to think that frozen fruits and vegetables are not as healthy as fresh ones, for they are processed. However, you may think anther way if you consider the processes of providing frozen and fresh produce. Fruits and vegetables are often frozen right after they are picked ripe, when they are rich in nutrition. And with premium freezing process, the frozen fruits and vegetables can retain the color, texture as well as nutrition. For “ fresh” fruits and vegetable, especially fruits, they may be picked days and even weeks before ripen, and then they are stored and transported to supermarkets, during which they are ripe.

Reduce Food Waste

Due to special characteristics of fruits and vegetables, many of them are delicate and seasonal with short shelf life. As a result, they are often be wasted during transportation, storage and so on. While for frozen fruits and vegetables, handled with premium IQF freezing, they can reduce food waste, and allow people enjoy them all year around.

Quality IQF Fruits and Vegetable Processing Machines

All the benefits mentioned can be realized only with premium IQF frozen fruits and vegetables processing machines. With extensive experience and professional knowledge, Gelgoog constantly improves technologies to design and develop quality IQF freezing systems with great energy efficiency and optimal freezing results. From IQF spiral freezers to IQF tunnel belt freezers, Gelgoog can customize them to meet customer needs and requirements. For the complete frozen fruits and vegetables processing lines, there are washer, cutter, blancher, dehydrator, cooler, freezer and other machines to realize the optimal freezing results with great energy efficiency. Please contact us for your tailored solutions for frozen fruits and vegetables process lines.