Potatoes are versatile food products that can be served as various cuisines, snack foods, and so on in restaurants and fast food chains. To name a few, french fries, potato wedges, potato balls, etc. And freezing various potato based food products is convenient and premium way to preserve them, so that people can enjoy the delicacy at any time. Quality freezing machines are vital for getting the superior frozen potato food products. Gelgoog can offer tailored solutions of frozen potato based products making lines.

Advanced IQF Tunnel Freezer and IQF Spiral Freezer
Gelgoog offers quality IQF tunnel belt freezer and IQF spiral freezer for frozen potato products making. For the IQF tunnel freezing system, it can be used to flash freeze of potato french fries, potato wedges, peeled potatoes and so on. As for the IQF spiral freezer, it can be applied to quick freeze of potato balls, and other stuffed potato products. With advanced technology, Gelgoog IQF freezing systems can rapid freeze the potato based food products with premium quality as well as energy efficiency. Due to extensive experience, Gelgoog can make tailored solutions of frozen potato products process lines to meet customer needs.