Quality IQF tunnel freezer for frozen potato french fries. In 2019, the Algerian customer got in contact with us for installing a medium scale frozen french fries process line. Impressed by the advanced quality of our related machines as well as the customer-first company value of Gelgoog, the customer finalized the deals with great satisfactions. And the frozen french fries line was successfully built and now is in smooth operation.
IQF Tunnel Freezing Machine for Potato Products
In this case, the frozen french fries line is equipped with a medium scale tunnel belt freezer to quick freeze french fries. With advanced technology and innovative design, the IQF tunnel freezer can process premium frozen french fries with efficient use of energy. In fact, except for french fries, the quick individually freezing tunnel freezer can flash freeze a great variety of other potato products, like peeled potato, cut potato, potato wedges, potato balls and so on.
Features of IQF Freezer for Frozen Potato Products
1.IQF technology. With IQF technology, the IQF tunnel freezer can freeze large quantity of premium potato products with high efficiency.
2.Robust structure. The whole structure of frozen french fries freezing machine is made of quality 304 stainless steels to meet high hygiene standards and is also easy to clean and maintain.
Customized design. The IQF tunnel freezer machines can be customized in capacity and other structures to meet customer needs and requirements.