How frozen sweet corn is made? Why do people buy frozen sweet corn kernels? Do you think about these questions in your life? In fact, whether it is sweet corn or other fruits and vegetables, the purpose of quick freezing is to preserve the internal nutrients and reduce the deterioration.

What Is Frozen Sweet Corn?

We often see quick-frozen sweet corn sold in supermarkets, which are usually bought back for secondary processing at home or restaurants.

The so-called quick-frozen sweet corn is actually a method of preserving corn. It is mainly through refrigeration to lock the nutrients of the corn to ensure that the sweet corn is kept fresh, sweet, and crisp for a long time.

Benefits Of Frozen Sweet Corn

There are many benefits of quick-frozen sweet corn, which can be divided into the following points:

  • Reduce the loss of nutrients: Sweet corn will breathe after being picked, which will consume internal nutrients. However, at very low temperatures, respiration is almost stagnant, and microorganisms such as bacteria cannot grow and reproduce. On the contrary, it is more conducive to maintaining the freshness of sweet corn and the retention of nutrients.
  • Extend the shelf life and facilitate storage: For supermarkets, quick-frozen sweet corn can extend the shelf life and make it easier for customers to buy.
  • Reduce waste: under low temperature, food will extend the shelf life, so that their taste will be kept in the freshest state to the maximum.

How Frozen Sweet Corn Is Made?

Quick-frozen sweet corn generally includes these processes: fresh corn→corn peeling→threshing→cleaning→picking→blanching→air cooling→vibration dehydration→lifting and conveying→IQF quick freezing→packaging

  1. Choose a good source of fresh sweet corn
  2. Peel the sweet corn
  3. Threshing will make quick freezing easier
  4. Clean the corn after threshing to facilitate subsequent processing.
  5.  Blanching will protect the color. Generally, there are two types of quick-frozen sweet corn, one is raw and the other is cooked. The sliced soup can process the sweet corn into a cooked state.
  6. After blanching, it needs to be drained to remove the water on the surface of the sweet corn kernels
  7. Frozen the processed corn in a sweet corn frozen machine.
  8. The quick-frozen sweet corn can be packaged and sold directly, or it can be processed later.

This article is mainly about how to quick-freeze sweet corn kernels. If you want to know more details about quick-frozen sweet corn, please contact me.