Strawberries are one of the easiest fruits to freeze, do you know What is the process for freezing strawberries? Let’s take a look.

Why Freezing Strawberries

Usually, when we buy fresh strawberries, they are often picked, stored, and transported for a long time. During this time, strawberries may still be brightly colored, but nutrients, especially vitamin C, will be lost. Therefore, people freeze strawberries after they are picked, not only to lock in the nutrients in the strawberries but also to extend their shelf life.

Commercial frozen strawberries are usually processed in batches, utilizing a complete frozen strawberry line or strawberry freezer. In this way, strawberries can have a longer shelf life after treatment, thereby helping people make money.

process for freezing strawberries

What Is The Process For Freezing Strawberries? 

Wash the strawberries

Should you wash strawberries before you freeze them? Yes, no cleaning is required after picking. Usually, strawberry processing plants use bubble strawberry washing machines. In this way, it can be automatically cleaned in batches, and labor is saved. The purpose of washing is mainly to remove the dirt on the surface of the strawberries in preparation for freezing.

Air-dried strawberries

There will be moisture on the surface of the washed strawberries, which needs to be removed and also to reduce the freezing time.

Frozen strawberries

Once the strawberries are cleaned and dehydrated, they can be frozen, usually using a commercial strawberry freezer.Is it better to freeze strawberries whole or sliced?  It depends on what you do with the strawberries! Depends on your needs.

The above are the three main processes for commercial freezing of strawberries. Frozen strawberries can be packaged and sold directly.

Is it better to freeze strawberries whole or sliced? Is it better to freeze strawberries whole or sliced? It depends on what you do with the strawberries! Depends on your needs.

process for freezing strawberries

Prospects For The Frozen Strawberry Business

Frozen strawberries are very promising. Strawberries are one of the favorite fruits, but strawberries tend to rot in transit, so it is easier to preserve them if they are frozen in advance.

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