Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and other mineral elements, but kiwi fruit is a very difficult fruit to preserve, and many rotten fruits will occur during production, transportation and sales. . Therefore, in order to prolong the freshness of kiwifruit, the method of freezing kiwifruit will be chosen for preservation. certainly. The nutrition of frozen kiwifruit doesn’t change either, and frozen fruit is a popular way to eat fruit these days. This article is about frozen kiwifruit.

Can Kiwifruit Be Frozen?

Kiwi fruit can be frozen, usually by peeling the kiwi fruit and then cutting it into slices or blocks for freezing. Slice according to your own preferences. The sliced kiwis can be placed on a plate. You can smear some sugar on them according to your own taste and then put them in the freezer layer of the refrigerator. After one night, they can become frozen kiwis.

frozen kiwifruit

Is Kiwifruit Good Frozen?

Kiwifruit is still nutritious when frozen, and you can choose to cool it to room temperature before eating. Frozen fruit has become very popular in recent years, and kiwi fruit can also be frozen and eaten, or it can be processed with a wall breaker and processed into a kiwi fruit smoothie for consumption. It can also be added to cakes, ice cream, processed puree juice, etc. Therefore, frozen kiwifruit has many uses and eating methods, and it is a good processing method.

Ways to Eat Frozen Kiwis

1. Add it to your smoothie. Like pineapple and mango, smoothies are the perfect accompaniment to frozen fruit. Add the kiwi without thawing, adding a little less liquid than usual to account for some of the moisture in the kiwi.
2. To use it for sauces, put the frozen kiwis in a wall breaker for crushing, then add them to drinks as a sauce for mixed drinks.
3. For fruit salad. Thaw kiwifruit before adding to salad. Add to fruit salads like diced fresh fruit.

Frozen kiwi is a very popular processing method that enriches the way we eat kiwi. For fruit processing plants, frozen kiwifruit processing prolongs the fresh-keeping period of kiwifruit, which can bring more added value, increase revenue, and facilitate storage and transportation. So, if you are a kiwifruit grower or seller, you can start a frozen kiwifruit business. Of course, you can contact us, we are a frozen kiwifruit processing line manufacturer, we will provide you with solutions and equipment. Welcome to leave a message.