Shrimp is nutritious, rich in protein and calcium and other substances, and is an indispensable nutritious food in our daily life. However, the shelf life of fresh shrimp is very short, which is a problem for shrimp breeders and sellers. Therefore, many on the market are quick-frozen shrimp. Quick-frozen shrimp is a relatively common processing method to facilitate the storage and transportation of shrimp. So how is the shrimp processed in the factory? Generally, shrimp processing lines are used. This article describes how to process shrimp.

How are shrimps processed in factory?

Process flow
Raw shrimp acquisition,raw shrimp cleaning,specification grading, pre-cooking, quick freezing, weighing, internal and external packaging, refrigeration.

 shrimp processing lines

(1) Purchase of raw shrimp: All raw materials entering the factory must undergo quality and sanitation inspection. Only after passing the inspection can they be allowed to enter the processing factory area; for export processing enterprises, all raw materials should come from the export record breeding base.
(2) Raw shrimp cleaning: After the raw shrimp enters the acquisition conveyor belt, arrange some manpower to clean and select the raw shrimp for impurities and spoiled shrimp, and then rinse it with clean water that meets the hygienic standard; Flush the assembly line, which not only saves labor, but also deeply cleans the sludge and other debris on the prawn head.
(3) Specification grading: At present, most manufacturers use part of the labor force at the discharge port of the grading machine to reduce the occurrence of such phenomena. Usually, the grading amount of a machine per hour is about 1 ton, but the grading amount of small size will be reduced accordingly. During the grading process, it should also be noted that some ice cubes should be added to the raw material barrel of the grading machine from time to time to maintain the freshness of the prawns during the grading process.

(4) Pre-cooking: adjust the steam temperature of the cooking machine, 100°C to 102°C is the most suitable, and the time is less than 2.5 minutes, but the specific cooking time should be determined according to the size of the shrimp. Then put the shrimp evenly on the conveyor belt of the cooking machine, but be careful not to let the shrimp stick together, let alone overlap the shrimp, and strictly control the temperature and time to avoid the cooking temperature being too high or too low, the time being too short or Too long samples will cause serious dehydration and affect the quality of shrimp.
(5) Twice quick-freezing: After the first quick-freezing of the screw machine, after the central temperature of the shrimp body reaches minus 18 °C, the semi-finished product enters the ice-coating tank. Combine the amount of clothing; the longer the time, the greater the amount of ice-plated clothing, but it should not be too long, otherwise it will cause the plated frozen clothing to thaw. After the ice coating, the semi-finished prawns need to be frozen in the secondary quick-freezer and dry the water on the surface of the prawns, otherwise the finished products will be stuck and frosted. The refrigeration temperature in the secondary freezer needs to be controlled at about minus 25°C.

The above is the process and process of frozen shrimp processing. The frozen shrimp processing line includes machinery such as picking belts, washing machines, pre-cooking machines, classifiers, and iqf frozen shrimp machines. If you want to achieve fast production and save time and effort, the frozen processing line is the best choice. We are a shrimp processing line manufacturer and supplier, if you want to start a shrimp processing business, you can contact us, we will provide you with solutions and quotations.