There are Iqf freezer machine price, which can freeze all kinds of fruits and vegetables, pasta, seafood, meat and so on. The main purpose is to keep food fresh and store it, and it is also convenient for the transportation of many foods. And it can supply its own goods all year round, especially fruit and vegetable products, even if it is not the harvest season, it can also be stored and supplied. Therefore, many food processors and suppliers choose frozen processing. So what is the Iqf freezer machine price? This article will introduce.

What is Iqf freezer machine

Iqf freezer machine is an effective, energy-saving and multi-purpose quick-freezing equipment. Tunnel quick-freezing machine is a single quick-freezing machine with advanced design and good performance. This machine has the advantages of energy saving, high degree of automation, small size, stable and reliable performance, etc.


Iqf freezer machine advantages

1. Elaborate design and manufacture: adopt computer optimization design and exquisite manufacturing process to create an excellent new single quick freezing device.
2. Excellent quality of frozen products: reasonable air convection is adopted, the frozen products do not agglomerate, the freezing speed is fast, and the quality of frozen products is excellent, which fully meets the IQF standard.
3. High degree of sanitation: It adopts the advanced design concept of today, and is specially equipped with flexible high-temperature sterilization and cleaning devices. The internal structure is simple, and the cleaning and maintenance are very convenient, which meets the requirements of HACCP food management.
4. High cooling efficiency: the evaporator adopts mechanical expansion tube, variable sheet distance, and high-conductivity material; it is equipped with a fan for quick-freezing equipment, and the airflow organization adopts computer simulation design to be more uniform and reasonable, with better cooling effect and energy saving.
5. High quick-freezing efficiency: adopting the cooling fan with variable blade spacing and parallel arrangement structure, the frost collection rate is low, and the effective quick-freezing time is increased.
6. Wide range of frozen products: widely used in block, flake and other solid foods or plate-packed foods, such as pastries, prepared foods, livestock and poultry and meat cuts, fruits and vegetables, fish, shrimp and aquatic products, etc. freeze.
7. Easy to install and use: The electromechanical integration equipment can be directly installed on the indoor cement floor, which is quick to install and easy to operate. The small machine can be shipped as a whole, which is more convenient and quick.

Iqf freezer machine price

The iqf freezer machine price is generally about 10,000 to 45,000 US dollars, and the price is different for different output, different specifications, and different materials. So when you choose a machine, you can’t just look for the price, but also look at the advantages and disadvantages of performance.

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