Freeze-dried fruits and vegetables are very popular now, and they are very popular as snacks. Therefore, in order to obtain more profits and increase the added value of fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable processing manufacturers choose to freeze-dry fruits and vegetables. So, what exactly is a freeze drying machine for sale? This article introduces to you.

Description of freeze drying machine for sale

In a vacuum state, using the principle of ice crystals, the moisture in the pre-frozen material can be directly sublimated into a gaseous state, so that the dried and freeze-dried food is quickly frozen, dehydrated in vacuum ice, and the original color, aroma and taste are preserved. , nutrients and the appearance of the original material and has good rehydration, and does not contain any additives, it is an ideal hygienic food.


Advantages of freeze drying machine for sale

1. The freeze-drying speed is fast and the work efficiency is high.
2. The rehydration property of the product is relatively good.
3. After processing, the storage time will be longer.
4. The loss of nutrients is relatively small.
5. Can maintain the original smell and color of the material.
6. It has a wide range of applications, and can be used in freeze-drying of fruits and vegetables, meat, coffee, probiotics, edible fungi, and Chinese herbal medicines, etc.

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