Mango is a sweet tropical fruit. Freshly cut mangoes are great in fruit salads, smoothies, or as a frozen snack. Like papaya, mango is often served as a breakfast side dish. Frozen mangoes are the best way to store large quantities of mangoes. So what is iqf mango?

Quick-frozen mango block is a quick-frozen mango product made by cutting fresh and ripe mango into pieces through a frozen mango processing machine. This prolongs the storage time of mangoes and facilitates long-distance transportation.

Specific Mango Processing Steps

1. Select fruit. Choose ripe, juicy, shiny fresh mangoes, and remove residual fruits such as rotten fruit and insect eyes.
2. Clean. Rinse with flowing water to remove impurities such as dust, silt, and microorganisms adhering to the surface of the peel. Or bubble type cleaning machine for cleaning, use the friction between the fruit and the drum wall to wipe off the impurities such as silt on the surface.
3. Peel off the core and cut into pieces. The cleaned mangoes are immediately peeled, cored and cut into pieces using a mango peeling and pitting machine.
4. Blanch and cool. The steam is used to directly carry out continuous scalding treatment on the fruit block, and the scalding temperature is controlled above 100° C. for 1 to 2 minutes. Protect the color of the fruit pieces by blanching to reduce the loss of pulp juice. The blanched fruit pieces should immediately enter the cooling tank for cooling to prevent the fruit pieces from becoming soft.

5. Soak in sugar at low temperature. The mango pieces cooled in the cooling tank enter the low-temperature sugar solution for low-temperature dipping treatment.
6. Packing and sealing. The fruit pieces soaked in sugar at low temperature are packed into bags according to the ratio of fruit pieces to sugar liquid of 3:1, and heat-sealed with a vacuum sealing machine.
7. Quick freezing. Immediately freeze the bagged and sealed mango pieces at a temperature of -35°C to 40°C, and try to complete them in a short time.
8. Inspection and packing. The quick-frozen fruit blocks are inspected, and can be packed after passing the test.
9. Low temperature storage. After packing, it should be stored at a low temperature of -18°C to 20°C.

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