Strawberry berries are soft and juicy, delicious and refreshing, but because of their softness, they are not suitable for strawberry preservation. It is suitable for quick-freezing and fresh-keeping storage, and also improves the added value of strawberries. Therefore, many strawberry growers began to think about starting a frozen strawberry processing business. So, do you know the best way to freeze strawberries?

The best way to make strawberries is to use a strawberry freezing production line to wash, air-dry, freeze and pack the strawberries. The specific processing method is as follows:

The quick-freezing process includes fruit selection→sepal removal→fruit washing→sterilization→rinsing→water control→arrangement→quick freezing→packaging→refrigeration.

Operating points

1. Select fruit and remove sepals. Choose a fruit with complete fruit shape, moderate size and high maturity, and cut off the fruit stalk and sepals with a knife.
2. Fruit washing and disinfection. Put the strawberries into the strawberry washing machine for cleaning. The strawberries can be rubbed and washed to remove impurities and pesticides on the surface of the strawberries.
3. Plate and quick freeze. Before placing on the plate, the water on the surface of the fruit should be controlled and dried, or the strawberry air dryer generally used in industrial processing should be used for air drying, so as to avoid water or adhesion on the surface of the frozen product. Then put the fruit flat on the plate for quick freezing, and some need to add sugar before quick freezing. During quick freezing, keep the temperature below -25°C until the core temperature reaches -15°C.
4. Packaging and refrigeration. If used for fresh sales, small packages can be used, 0.5-1 kg per box (bag); if used for export or processing, 7.5 kg per box (bag), two boxes (bags) per box. Send the packaged quick-frozen strawberries to the freezer for storage. It can be refrigerated for 12-18 months under the condition of -18℃ in the cold storage.

Do you know the best way to freeze strawberries? If you want to start a business related to frozen strawberries, feel free to contact us. We will provide you with solutions and quotations.